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Mobile On-Site and Remote IT Support

We Do IT Different.

Providing you the managed support and resources that you can trust to protect and grow your business.

Transparent Communication, Honest Solutions, and Real Results.


Become a Better Team, Together.

Improving your technology infrastructure to enable seamless and efficient communication among your team empowers your business to maintain continuous connections with customers, suppliers, and employees, resulting in enhanced productivity, workflow efficiency, and quicker response times.

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Partnered with the Industry Leaders

As the saying goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child,' and we wholeheartedly embrace a similar idea in business. Our business thrives because of the dedication and relationship of our wonderful network of partners, who work with us to help provide you the support necessary to grow and succeed.

20+ Years of Experience

Our team possesses over 20 years of collective experience in the IT/Computer industry, specializing in sales, support, integration, and development across diverse sectors, including retail, manufacturing, legal, medical, and ecommerce. We are dedicated to automation, offering candid advice, and upholding straightforward cybersecurity practices.


Security (Always) Comes First

We not only prioritize cybersecurity but also actively educate our clients about its importance, ensuring they are well-informed and feel confident that we are dedicated to keeping them as protected as possible from security risks like ransomware.

Trusted by The Best

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Hear It from Our Customers

“Best decision we have made this year. Our organization is too small to constantly be finding a new contract every time we have a large IT project. Decided to hire KE to offset some of our long term costs for our larger projects so our in house team can focus on support and infranstructure maintenance. These guys are great! Very professional.”

Gregory, IT Administrator, Transcend Company

Managed Technology To Improve Your Life.

Enhanced IT Expertise and Support

Proactive Security and Compliance

Scalability and Business Continuity

Significant Cost Savings over Traditional IT

Business Meeting

Unrivaled Value

Transparent pricing to give you the power to know how to strategically plan your needs now, see what benefits come to your organization, and plan for the future.

Managed IT

Premium IT Experience: Fully Managed IT, Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity, Hardware, Software Licensing, and Unrivaled Technical Support

Best Value




Every month

+$149 Onboard with 1st and Last Month

The Premium Managed Technology Experience

Silver Package Benefits

Gold Package Benefits

Unlimited Remote Support

20 Hours of On-Site Support Included

Domain and Backup Server w/ Cloud Redundancy Included

Desktop or Laptop Provided

Networking Switch, Access Points, and Firewall Provided

Office 365 w/ Teams Domestic Voice Licensing Included

Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Behavior Analytics

20% Service Discount

All-Inclusive MSP Package Per Employee Per Month

Stress-Free Technology Experience

Peacefully know that your computers, servers, networking equipment, backups, and licensing are covered for failure, standardized, automated, secured, supported, updated, and maintained.

Everything Is Included!

IT Staff Support, Computers, Monitors, Servers, Switches, Firewalls, Access Points, Backup Solution, Phone VOIP System, and Licensing are all included within the KE Diamond Package.* 

*provided hardware, software, and licensing is determined by your company size and needs. 

Your Business is Never Obsolete

3-year hardware cycles for consistent performance upgrades to keep your company running at the absolute highest productivity.

Constant Improvement

Your IT needs to constantly scale with your business, or you face a situation of underutilizing your staff and creating security risks. 

Enterprise Security Protection

Feel safe knowing all layers of your network are monitored and secured. KE strategically optimizes your IT environment with leading edge cybersecurity best practices and solutions.  

Co-Managed IT

Effortless System Management: Navigating Compliance, Cybersecurity, Optimization, and Project Leadership for Enhanced Business Focus




Every month

+$79 Onboard with 1st and Last Month

Silver + Rest easy knowing your system admin responsibilities are fully covered

Silver Package Benefits

Cybersecurity Training and Exercises

System Administrator (Remote)

Help Desk Management

Active Directory Management

VOIP/SIP Management

Asset Management (Inventoried and Barcoded)

Exclusive Ticketing Portal w/ Ticket Approval

Backup Management

Password Database Provided

Managed DNS + Web Content Filtering

Compliance Implementation Support

Operational Documentation Creation

3rd Party Patch Management

10% Service Discount

Partnered IT Management 

The KE Gold Package provides a hands-on approach suitable for small businesses or those requiring assistance in project management, help desk support, and system administration tasks. It allows KE to take on crucial technology responsibilities, easing your workload.

Employee Cybersecurity Training Included

Comprehensive cybersecurity training keeps your team updated on hackers' latest tactics, using practical exercises to pinpoint areas requiring more guidance. This ensures your staff stays well-prepared and informed about cybersecurity risks and strategies.

Asset Management | Barcoded

Have all your company technology assets continuously documented, assigned, tracked, and valued for bookkeeping.

Risk Mitigation

Co-managed IT merges internal and external expertise to fortify security using advanced protocols, compliance adherence, swift incident response, regular updates, and proactive risk assessments. 

Regulatory Compliance Implementation

Review regulations to ensure your organization operates within legal boundaries and meets industry standards effectively.

Project / Co-Management Per Employee Per Month

Small Business Cybersecurity Protection

Peace of Mind: 24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring, Enterprise-Level Safeguards, Remote Access for Work-from-Home staff, and Discounted Project Pricing.

Getting Started




Every month

+$19 Onboard with 1st and Last Month

Everything you need to start protecting your business from cybersecurity risks and work remote

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection and Removal

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning (BDR)

Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) Anti-Virus

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Remote Desktop Access

24/7 System Monitoring w/ Health Reports

Event and Log Monitoring

Managed Firewall and DNS

OS Patch Management

Digital Asset Management

Free PC Recycling

5% Service Discount

24/7/365 Technology Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that your technology is being monitored 24/7 for vulnerabilities and cyber risks.

Enterprise Level Anti-Virus and Cybersecurity Protection

Comprehensive defense. IT combinig real-time endpoint monitoring, proactive threat hunting, and cross-platform analysis to swiftly identify, mitigate, and respond to sophisticated cyber threats across multiple layers of an organization's infrastructure.

Add the Ability for Your Staff to Work From Home

The ability for your staff to work from home is empowered by a remote portal access system, enabling secure and personalized connections to their computers from any global location. This ensures seamless access to work resources, fostering productivity and flexibility while maintaining robust security measures.

Quarterly PC Health Reports 

Overview of your computer's performance, identifying potential issues, security vulnerabilities, and overall system health. These regular reports help proactively address concerns, optimize performance, and ensure a stable and secure computing environment.

Cybersecurity and Remote Access Per Device Per Month

With the Right Support, Everything Is Possible

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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Humanizing Technology + Helping Vets

Our Mission

In the realm of IT and cybersecurity, we've seen a common issue: sometimes, IT pros struggle to connect with the rest of the team or admins. We bring a laid-back, family-friendly approach to our tech know-how. We effortlessly blend into your world. Likewise, we are not here to complicate things; we're here to be your problem-solving sidekicks. 

Our mission is simple: to have your back and make your technology concerns a thing of the past!


Supporting Veterans was at the heart of the creation of KE Managed Technology Solutions. With one of our owners being a US Army Veteran, we deeply understand the challenges and sacrifices that come with your service. Currently, we're dedicated to creating a non-profit foundation aimed at providing Veteran preference in hiring, housing assistance, and organizing fundraisers. 

Support Local Michigan Small Businesses

US Army Veteran Owned and Operated